A Guide for Proper Candle Burning!

by Evelise Martinez

Everyone loves a great scented candle, however not everyone knows how to manage them properly. So we have put together a list of tips for you.


To begin, when burning your favorite Bee Lit Scented Candle you must first, make sure the wick is at least ¼ to 1/8th  of an inch long. You don't want an uneven burn. If you notice the candle begin to tunnel and leave un-melted wax on the edges, you want to correct that ASAP and before the wick is underneath the tunnel.


The easy way to do this, is by grabbing some aluminum foil and wrap one small layer around the rim (not covering the top completely but, create a cone like funnel barrier to produce inner heat all around), and check it every 15 minutes until satisfied with it melting to an even pool.  


Once even, PUT OUT the candle. 


Notice we say "PUT OUT" candle. Which bring us to the next point. You never want to blow the candle out. This can push the wick into the melted wax and cure with the wick inside the wax. Also, you can accidentally blow hot wax out of the jar.


Instead, cover the candle with the lid the we provide with our candles. All of the smoke will stay inside and the wick will remain in its place. 


Ever want a candle to last longer than normal?


Here's a tip! When you have melted wax and the candle is put out, add just a pinch of salt!!


 WARNING, do not cover the whole top layer in salt! That will not be effective. Just a pinch will do, and you can do that every time you put your candle out after it has burned for an hour or 2.


The key to maximizing your candle is to not let candles burn for more than about 5 hours a day consecutively.


If you’re looking for a stronger scent, rotate your candles throughout the day!


Lastly, DO NOT leave your candle by a window. The sunlight may dilute the scent of the candle. You want to keep them in a cool and dark space (but not the fridge or freezer) to keep the candle smelling as amazing as when you first purchased it! 


We hope we have helped you love candles as much as we do. They're our babies, so we treat them like so for the best outcome. Visit our online catalog here for the latest scents!